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Think of this coaching program as not just an investment in yourself but a roadmap for your fundraising success. Through six 1.5 hour long sessions we’ll dive deep into the specific fundamentals that fuel fundraising growth. You’ll learn proven practices and how to apply them to your organization. You will also have a chance to bring specific scenarios or questions top of mind for you that we will workshop together during our “Hot Seat” sessions.

Coaching, confidence building, and new fundraising skills all for $3,500. Don’t miss out on this
opportunity to give your fundraising journey a boost!

Session 1

How to Tell Your Organization’s Story—Developing a Compelling Case
We’re going to start at the beginning–how you tell your organization’s story. In this
session, you’ll learn the core questions that must be answered to create a strong and
compelling case for support. We’ll also throw in a little philanthropic psychology to
really understand how to tap into your donors’ motivations.

Session 2

Taking Your Fundraising Temperature—Understanding Your Core Metrics
You can’t plan a roadmap without knowing your starting point. We’ll conduct a
top-line analysis of your nonprofit’s core fundraising metrics and trends. And, we’ll
discuss how to set metrics that guide you to stronger fundraising results.

Session 3

Building a Strong Donor Engagement Cycle
It’s time to write your plan. We’ll spend this session creating a fundraising plan that
builds off the metrics you set and leads to a donor engagement cycle that motivates
your audience to act whether it’s making a donation, volunteering, signing a petition,
hosting a fundraiser, or all of the above.

Session 4-6

Participant Hot Seat
Now it’s your turn! While there is time during each of sessions 1-3 for your questions,
these last three sessions are designed to put you in the hot seat. Each meeting, three
participants will bring a specific problem they’re facing for the collective brainpower
of the cohort to help them solve.

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Timeline & Application Requirements

The Windmill Hill Coaching Cohort application is currently open. All completed applications will be reviewed as they are submitted

Session One: August 21, 2024

Session Two: August 26, 2024

Session Three: September 4, 2024

Session Four: September 12, 2024

Session Five: September 17, 2024

Session Six: September 23, 2024

*All sessions will be held from 12:00 pm EST – 1:30 pm EST.

Program timing subject to change.


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